With 25 years of fashion business experience we’ve literally experienced everything and have worked on every possible style & fit. Keeping up with the changing trends and upcoming challenges has been our secret mantra.Success lies in our ability to adapt quickly to the latest fashion trends. Innovation fuels our wagon in our journey to success. Fashion is geographical and we are flexible in meeting the requirements of every customer. We maintain high degree of efficiency in our quality and productivity every time.

In addition to apparel the company is engaged in wide array of sourcing to diverse markets of the world each having different needs and tastes. Supplying all types of merchandise such as fabrics, garments, footwear, accessories, hand bags, electronics, furniture, foodstuff, cosmetics, household items, decoration items, lights, building materials etc..

For some of our clients we only provide QC service or logistic services as they have their own souring or buying office in place.

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Our Vision

To be a leader in providing end to end solution to importers and enhancing international trade and cooperation.

Our Mission

By providing desirable merchandise, quality service by professionally trained team members, outstanding value through our strong and direct logistic links with manufacturers, and finally convenience through our network of partner retailers and wholesalers across the world to our valued customers who are at the heart of our business.

Benefit of Service

We take full responsibility for your product from beginning to end.

  •  Desired Merchandise
  •  Quality Service
  •  Outstanding Value
  •  Convenience
  •  On Time Product Delivery

REFLEX – At your service all the way!

With our experience and know how, you will be in safe hands. We provide a complete turnkey solution to your sourcing needs. IDEA – DESIGN – DEVELOPMENT – PRODUCTION – DELIVERY.


We always will listen to your needs and customize our solutions to suit your needs. We know how important your time is. Let’s see how we can save you some.

Variable MOQ

Since we have our own brand we can offer you some of our own designs are low MOQ. Also since our factories have long time cooperation with us they support us in this.

Price & Benefit

You can cross check our prices with our competitors, you will always see a good advantage. We guarantee you the best possible price and quality.



Guangzhou is one of China’s most prominent urban cities. There are tens of thousands of factories located throughout each of the city’s manufacturing zones, and those factories manufacture everything from toothpicks to automobile parts and of course garments, shoes, hand Bags etc..Reflex office is located in the center of Guangzhou. There are thousands of garment and other factories located in the 100 mile radius of our office. It is a mere 20 minute drive to Zhongda the biggest wholesale fabric and accessories market in the world.