To Be A Market Leader In The International Fast Fashion Industry

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To be a market leader in the International Fast Fashion industry.

We function as a B2B in-house vertical supply chain, specifically built to give clothing businesses more flexibility. Our technology brings the process of (1) apparel manufacturing; (2) buying ready styles in wholesale and (3) shipping directly from China, all under one roof, so you can grow your business by testing new styles and markets while focusing on selling and providing awesome value to your customers.

As a clothing company ourselves, we understand the importance of styling, speed and value when it comes to the fashion business. Our deep knowledge in the clothing business combined with our expertise in shipping work hand in hand to bring you an awesome outcome.

Consider the fashion business as a train journey that starts with the conception of an idea by you, the final destination is the satisfactorily receiving of your fashion from China. Some of our customers use our train (company) for the entire journey while others use our company for specific legs of the journey.

Some clothing companies find great value in using our sourcing and manufacturing services, while others like to buy small wholesale quantities from our Eshop, which carries over 5000 ready styles and while still other clothing companies who already have reliable suppliers in China are able to move their shipments safely and on time by using us just for Freight Services only.